I prefer to meet with a more distinguished gentleman over 40. No offense to those younger, I guess you could say I relate best with gentlemen in the over 40 age range. I enjoy their spirit, their intelligence, their zest for life and their passion. I enjoy sharing life experiences as well as turning the tables to the more intellectual subjects. I firmly believe that one of the sexiest parts of knowing a man is to explore his mind.

My desire is that you are looking for an experience similar to that which you would have with a girlfriend . Shared affection, fun, passion and a connection are what I look for and hope you do too.

Being the fit and healthy woman that I am, I love meeting gentlemen who take care of themselves. By this, I don't mean you have to have a "six pack". On the contrary, my most enjoyable times are with those great guys who have seen a few miles and have the scars, so to speak, to prove it. What I am referring to hygiene. A well-groomed man is delicious! And rest assured, I will return the compliment.

On a similar note, I realize that a cocktail or two is fun but to either arrive intoxicated or become intoxicated during our time together is unacceptable. As for drug use, I ask that you refrain from using drugs while with me or before meeting me.

More than anything else, I want the gentleman I am with to experience the best I have to offer and in order to do that, mutual compatibility is a must.